Intensive Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Rehab Center in Houston

The Right Step Outpatient is made up of five locations in the greater Houston area: Houston North, The Woodlands, Houston Northwest (Copperfield, Bear Creek area), Ft. Bend (Sugarland, Stafford), Katy and Humble. At The Right Step Outpatient, member of a network of 20+ treatment centers in Texas, we provide one of the most recognized Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for chemical dependency. This treatment program is for you or a loved one who need to address their addiction to drugs or alcohol and are not able to, or do not need to enter residential treatment. Our professional counselors at The Right Step Intensive Outpatient Programs, whether in Spring, Champions, Jersey Village, Stafford or Humble, will help you become sober and then maintain that sobriety without greatly interrupting your daily work, or school schedule. Additionally, we offer a Supportive Outpatient Program for those who have completed treatment but who require additional support to maintain their recovery. The Right Step Outpatient works with the client very closely to help them integrate into a 12-step recovery program and begin to develop a sober support network outside of the treatment environment.

Adolescent and Family Rehab Programs

At all our locations, the focus is not only on adults, but on adolescents and family treatment as well. Alcohol and/or drug Addiction not only affects the teen, but can have just as big an impact on family of the substance abuser.

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Adolescent Outpatient Treatment Programs

We know that life can be hectic and busy, for young people these days. For adolescents that are abusing or dependent on drugs and/or alcohol, a busy life can be a potential road block to addiction recovery. The Right Step adolescent Outpatient Programs is a solution for adolescents that are unable to interrupt their daily schedules or simply do not require a higher level of care.
Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6pm (with family meetings every Wednesday 6-9pm) the youth will be in a structured yet supportive, caring environment led by licensed professionals. Our outpatient program utilizes the 12-Step study and proven clinical treatment methods to help our young clients remove bad habits and replace them with positive reinforcements so they can go on to lead happy healthy lives. Adolescent clients of The Right Step will participate in the following activities:
• Individual counseling
• Group counseling
• Family group counseling
• Spiritually awareness
• Alternative Peer Group Meetings
• Education classes
• Relapse prevention

Family Therapy for Addiction

Family therapy is an integral part of chemical dependency treatment. Each Wednesday night from 6-9 pm clients and their family members attend a multi-family group which focuses on addiction and its effects on the family system and the healing process for families in recovery.

Individual family therapy for clients is provided based on individual needs and our treatment team is willing to work to help you restore harmony and hope within the family. It is strongly recommended that families participate in the recovery process because addiction’s effects go far beyond the clients themselves.