Drug Counseling Services

Counseling ServicesImprove your health and well-being when you attend our drug counseling sessions in Houston, Texas. At North Houston Counseling Services, we realize that just because you have a drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t make you a bad, weak, or incompetent person. Our counselors are here to build on your strengths to help you learn to manage your chemical dependency.

Drug Counseling

Do you have a family member or know someone who just can’t say ‘No?’ Our program helps them see a realistic approach to drug-free living. It is our goal to help those people in your life that just can’t seem to quit.

Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Our counselors offer individual, family, and group counseling services for those who have a drug or alcohol addiction. Before joining our outpatient program, we meet with you to determine if your situation is appropriate for the group setting. If you cannot or prefer not to meet in a group setting, you can choose to meet with a licensed chemical dependency counselor one-on-one. Our website for individual and family counseling for addiction is www.northhoustoncounselingservices.com.

After-Care Service

North Houston Counseling Services offers after-care services to our graduates. We meet for an hour each week to help graduates stay engaged in the program for at least 1 year. By meeting for just this short time, many of our graduates are able to stay on track and most importantly, stay sober. Contact us with questions about our services.