Addiction Treatment Services

Substance Abuse Treatment

Whether you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, prescription medications, heroin, club drugs, or any other substance of abuse, we can help. Our Texas outpatient drug rehab begins with a thorough assessment interview with one of our specially trained team members. We take time to understand how you got where you are and where you want to be.

You can choose from convenient schedules in either afternoons or evenings and can complete the program in as little as six weeks, depending on your clinical needs. If we find you need a higher level of care, The Right Step offers drug and alcohol detox and inpatient drug rehab at three facilities around Texas.

Family Programs

Addiction effects everyone in the family. That’s why we place focus on loved ones along with the client. Each of our outpatient locations offers support groups and resources for family members. Many offer family therapy for those needing more intensive support.

Looking for help with drug or alcohol addiction?

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Family Therapy for Addiction

Family therapy is an important part of addiction treatment.

Family groups – Each week we offer a multi-family group for clients and their loved ones. These groups teach skills for healthy communication, provide addiction education and explore the effects of drug and alcohol abuse on the family system.

Individual family therapy – This is offered on an individual basis as needed. Our treatment team helps you restore harmony and hope within the family. It is strongly recommended that families participate in the recovery process because addiction’s effects go far beyond the clients themselves.