Adolescent Addiction Treatment in The Woodlands, Katy, Jersey Village, Stafford, and North Houston

Adolescent drug treatment

The obstacles adolescents face are different than those of their adult counterparts and need to be approached in a different manner. Therefore, adolescent care is conducted separately from the adults at our offices. Our adolescent intensive outpatient programs we engage the clients in more experiential activities that teach as well as entertain and minimize the lecturing–we try to make treatment fun as well as therapeutic. The schedule for adolescent services is held conveniently following school hours so the client may stay in school while learning how to also stay off drugs.

Helping teens to live better lives via Outpatient Services

For adolescent treatment to be successful we are required to address more than the drug or alcohol abuse itself. One of the primary goals of addiction treatment has to be learning how to live better. Although other treatment approaches are helpful in addressing risky behavior and helping teens avoid negative peers, treatment aimed at shifting internal belief systems set a firm foundation for long-term success.

Teens who abuse drugs or alcohol often have negative world views, constantly reminding themselves that “life is tough” or they “just can’t do it”. Our goal at The Right Step Houston is to teach teens how to navigate through life better by checking within themselves and asking for the support they need. Eventually, they find they don’t need drugs or alcohol to feel good or be happy.