Outpatient Detox in the Woodlands

Deciding to break an addiction to alcohol, opiate pain pills, other painkillers or prescription medications, or street drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamines without medical assessment and evaluation can cause significant complications that can sabotage efforts to stay clean and sober or even be life threatening. In order to avoid serious consequences and the pain of withdrawal, choose a safe medical detox program designed specifically for you.

Suddenly stopping the use of alcohol or benzodiazipines (such as Xanax, Valium, or Klonopin) without medical oversight can cause the patient to experience life-threatening seizures. And the the withdrawal syptoms of opioids can be so severe that patients are unable to endure them without the aid of short-term assistance with a medication such as Suboxone.

Outpatient detox (also knows as Ambulatory Detoxification) is a medical program offered at the The Right Step Woodlands that is designed to provide a safe medical detox from drugs and alcohol under the medical supervision of a doctor with medication assistance, but without a hospital admission. Ambulatory detox as an outpatient treatment has the advantage of causing minimal disruption to your normal day-to-day life. Effective detoxification can be the first step of a treatment process, and is an important and necessary part of dealing with addiction.

Outpatient Detox is appropriate for people who meet our outpatient criteria and who live in the Woodlands, Texas, or Spring, Kingwood, Conroe, Montgomery, Tomball, Cypress, or other areas near enough to drive to our office on a daily basis for several days for an evaluation by our Certified Addictions Registered Nurse, Susan Hanna, RN, CARN and our Medical Director, Marian Allen, MD

Our outpatient detoxification program is meant to be a medical stepping stone into an Intensive Outpatient Program for substance abuse and chemical dependency.