Drunk Driving (DWI) and Driving under the Influence (DUI) legal issues

DUI help with Right StepPenalties for first-time DWI/DUI offenders often require treatment for substance abuse and multiple offenders are sometimes mandated to chemical dependency treatment if not sent to prison.

The Right Step’s outpatient addiction treatment programs are committed to helping keep Texas roads safe while at the same time helping offenders to get the treatment that will keep them from driving intoxicated rather than sending them untreated to jail cells, only to be released untreated to continue the dangerous cycle.

Our substance abuse professionals are compassionate to clients caught up in legal troubles resulting from driving drunk as well as to the victims and family members whose lives have been radically altered as the result of someone’s choice to get behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Depending on the legal situation a client is in, our counselors will work on the client’s behalf to show hard work and motivation for change through close communication with a client’s DWI defense attorney, bail bondsman, judge, probation officer, or court. While assisting the client to gain the skills necessary to live a life free of alcoholism or drug addiction, our clinical staff will also document compliance, acceptance, and participation in  the program on the client’s behalf.

Urine testing to document sobriety

As part of our commitment to ensure the client has all possible evidence available to show legal officials the earnestness of the client’s commitment to sobriety, we perform random urinary drug screenings at least twice weekly and have the ability to send those screens to a special lab that can test for the metabolites of alcohol consumption in the past 80 hours. In short, we can provide clinical documentation of total abstinence while in our program.

Rehab is the best defense for DWI or DUI offenses

For anyone facing DWI charges or other DUI arrest issues, the best thing you can do in on your own behalf is to accept responsibility for getting and remaining sober and to be proactive about entering a substance abuse treatment program as soon after the arrest as possible. The purpose of addiction treatment is not to stay out of jail, but for clients who are serious about recovery and who want help to stop drinking or using drugs, the clinical record that treatment provides gives your attorney the tools to successfully argue for your freedom.

The Right Step intensive outpatient programs are well known by courts

As part of the largest private treatment provider in Texas, The Right Step programs are recognized by judges and attorneys throughout the state and the country as being among the best substance abuse treatment programs available. Our staff is constantly working with courts and we are well-respected by the legal community.